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Trying for a baby

Advanced Fertility Solutions have excellent results, at a fraction the cost of IVF.

Advanced Fertility Solutions offers a variety of formulas and packages to help with male and female fertility issues you may be facing.

Whether it be pre-conception, conception, or pregnancy problems; our combinations have high success rates because they focus on solving the primary causes of infertility.

You can easily access the high-quality treatments provided to help you achieve your dreams.

Put yourself in control of your fertility and solve your problems with Advanced Fertility Solutions.

Take control of your fertility.
male fertility
Restore male fertility to its peak.

Fertility Solutions

Advanced Fertility Solutions was born of a need to provide effective fertility solutions to real-world problems. Backed by science, research, and clinical trials and the legacy of time-honoured natural herbal medicine, the line-up of formulas deserves their place in the field of reproductive breakthrough medicines.

Understand, diagnose and treat fertility problems simply and easy.
Ovance and RPM the low AMH combination
The Ultimate Fertility Combination

Fertility Guides

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Getting pregnant naturally after 40

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Low AMH Facts
10 Low AMH Facts You Need to Know

Low AMH is no the end to your fertility; it is a problem to overcome. Low AMH levels are a big problem for IVF…they don’t have to be your problem too. Here are 10 things you should know right now.

Easy Fertility Friendly Diet

Diets for health are plentiful. Can a fertility friendly diet help boost your fertility potential? Let’s fill in the gaps and make life easier for you.

See the research
Compare changes in AMH levels and pregnancy rates from over 300 clients.

Dr. Scott Martin

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Dr. Scott Martin has a masters degree in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and leads the team for Advanced Fertility Solutions formulas. He is also available for consultations to the public who wish to know more about the products and how they can help.

Tash and Jade

This post is also available in: العربية Español

Well after years of trying to get pregnant naturally and a couple of unsuccessful IVF cycles, I thought it was time for a different approach. I contacted Scott about two and a half years ago now and we haven’t looked back! Using a combination of his fertility herbs and some acupuncture we were pregnant within three months and now have a beautiful baby boy that is almost 18 months old. We are forever grateful Scott for what you have done for us, our dream of becoming parents has come true thanks to you!

Amber Dawn

This post is also available in: العربية Español

I don’t usually write reviews but the Ovance RPM combo is the real deal. I’m 42 and my AMH was less than 0.1 and my Dr. was basically telling us that our only hope was IVF with a donor egg. I’m not pregnant yet but I retested my AMH and it is now 0.99 after 3 months! Truly an amazing medication. We are going to be ordering a 6 month supply and safe baby as well. Good luck to you all. If you are skeptical I say follow Dr. Scott Martin’s advice and try Ovance and retest your labs you will be a believer like my husband and me.


This post is also available in: العربية Español

I had an AMH of 0.2 and FSH of 14 and I am 42. My husband’s count was a little on the low side. We did the Couples Fertility Program for 7 months, first, menovance 2 for 3 months, and we placed a second order, but by the time we finished the second order I was pregnant. It really does work! The key is to have patience. I wish you guys all the best I never thought it could happen but it did. Thanks, DR Scott